JSCAN – The ultimate JTAG debugger

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JSCAN lets you view and control JTAG pins in real-time without having to touch your board! With a simple click of your mouse, you can set pins HIGH or LOW and observe the results right on your PC.J-SCAN works independently of any logic inside the JTAG device, you do not need any special firmware, code or logic installed. View and control pins in real-time, program FLASH memories, create test macros, for system test, easy to use graphical interface and affordable.

At a glance:
♦ Monitor all boundary pins
♦ Change the state of any pin
♦ No code needed on board
♦ Real-time viewing
♦ Program FLASH devices
♦ SVF player/recorder
♦ No netlists or vectors needed
♦ Can use vendor BSDL files